Rental Finance

Rental agreements are suitable for businesses using equipment with a high obsolescence or requires replacement on a regular basis.

A complete financial solution – hardware, service and maintenance.

No initial large cash outlay.

Monthly cash flow can be accurately planned for the duration of the rental agreement.

Monthly rental payments are fully deductible as an expense for corporation tax purposes.

Generates alternative uses of your cash reserves for working capital or business growth.

Improves the ‘Gearing Ratio’.

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Rental Finance – Finance for Business Made Simple

Term Loans & Stocking Loans

Short term finance solution for:-

Loans between €25,000 and €250,000

1 to 5 years

Frequently Unsecured

Business expansion
Working capital
Stocking facilities
Revenue Payments
Property refurbishments

Leasing & Asset Based Lending

Finance business equipment over an agreed term without the initial upfront outlay on assets required to do business

Preserve your capital and get your assets to fund the costs from the income they generate

Assets include office equipment, IT packages, machinery and any equipment needed for you to run your business

Lease costs are an allowable expense against Corporation Tax