Cash Advance Loan

Short term solution tailored to your business and existing credit/debit card system. The
structure of the facility is tailored to match your business requirements and enable you to grow.

Repayments are taken daily as a small percentage of card sales and obviates the cash flow headaches of significant monthly repayments which frequently fall at the same time of the month.


Supplier Finance

Supplier Finance provides funding needed to negotiate bulk purchase and early payment discounts.

Supplier Finance can be used to offer ‘payment on demand’ to any supplier.
Whatever way you chose to use it, the savings can have a significant impact on your profitability.

Supplier Finance can also save you costs on transport charges.


Order Finance

New orders can add significant profit to the business but without adequate funding the risks and financial burdens can be too large and lead to ‘overtrading’ which is the biggest threat to the viability of a business

We can arrange pre-approval of your customer’s order.

On receipt of your customer’s official purchase order, you book the order online and enter the costs required to fulfil it. When the order is delivered and invoiced, your Customer Order Finance facility pays and settles the order costs.


Customer Finance

Traditional invoice discounting can be restrictive and requires liens on the entire ‘book debts’ of the company, personal guarantees, etc.

Customer Finance allows you to pick and choose what customers you wish to trade with the funding supplier and you are not required to process all your small/cash accounts.

Customer Finance uses the more common sense Expected Date and provides a finance facility on a per customer basis.

Where Invoice Discounters make you apply for credit limit increases Customer Finance grows as you grow and removes the need for liens or personal guarantees thereby leaving more options open to your business and its needs.

Requires less administration, saves costs, is more flexible and is ultimately more user-friendly.


Invoice Financing

Short term funding solution allowing you to raise cash from invoices raised. Improves cash flow particularly during the growth period of a business and improves liquidity allowing you to pay your suppliers.

The collection process is agreed with you in advance