Trade Finance

Short-term working capital facility enabling your business to purchase goods and pay the supplier pending receipt of funds from your customer.

This form of finance is Purchase Order (PO) driven.


The Lender pays the supplier on behalf of the business who then receives the goods.

The business settles with the Lender when the sale is paid for by your customer or the customer pays direct to lender.


Facilitates negotiations for superior discounts.
Credit Insurance may or may not be required.


Trade Finance can be combined with Single Invoice Discounting to provide an end to end cash flow solution.

Merchant Cash Advance

Short-term working capital facility of up to 12 months based on your Merchant Card turnover.  Ideally suited to those in the retail, hospitality and e-retail sectors.

Repayments are taken daily as an agreed percentage of your card transactions.

No set monthly repayments or repayment dates.


Single Invoice Discounting

Provides fast access to cash tied up in customer invoices.

Much more flexible than an Overdraft or Loan.

The business maintains responsibility for collection of payment of invoice.


1. Raise an invoice with your customer.
2. Lender will advance the business up to 90% of the amount invoiced.
3. The business liaises with the customer for payment.
4. Payment made by the customer directly to the Lender.
5. The business receives the balance less the agreed fee when the invoice is paid.


There is no Floating Charge required over the business.

Single Invoice Discounting and Trade Finance can be combined to provide an end to end cash flow solution.

Invoice Discounting

Short term funding solution allowing you to raise cash from invoices raised.

Improves cash flow particularly during the growth period of a business.

Improves your liquidity allowing you to pay your suppliers.

The collection process is agreed with you in advance.

The facility is secured by a Charge over the Book Debts of the business.